Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions on which we supply goods to you.
Orders to everydayview.com must be submitted by the following method: via our website www.everydayview.com.
Please ensure that you read these terms and conditions carefully, and check that the details on the Order and in these terms and conditions are complete and accurate, before you sign and/or submit your Order. If you think that there is a mistake, please contact us to discuss. We will confirm any changes in writing to avoid any confusion between you and us.
When you sign and/or submit your Order to us, this does not mean we have accepted your Order for goods. These terms and conditions will become binding on you and us when we issue you with a written acceptance of an Order, at which point a contract will come into existence between you and us. 
If you need to make any changes to a custom-made Order, your prescription, or your Order details, you must notify us within 24 hours of the Order being placed. If changes are made after this time a charge may apply.
Limitations of Supply of Goods
Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we cannot always guarantee the availability of goods as set out on our site. If the goods you have ordered are NOT available, we will inform you by e-mail as soon as possible, we will NOT process your Order in that case. If you have already paid for the goods, we will refund you the full amount as soon as we can. 
Please note that timescales for delivery and delivery charges will vary depending on the availability of the goods and your address. We will contact you with an estimated delivery date and you will be notified when the goods have been dispatched. Delivery of an Order shall be completed when we deliver the goods to the address you provided. If no one is available at your address to receive the item(s), we will leave you a note that the goods have been returned to our premises, in which case, please contact us to re-arrange delivery. The goods will be your responsibility from the completion of delivery. You own the goods once we have received your payment in full.


Returns and Refunds
We offer a 30-day warranty from the date you receive the goods. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your goods or you made a mistake in your order, you may simply return them in their original, merchantable condition, in the original packaging for:
  - A one time use only-100% store credit (excluding the shipping fee, which is not refundable)
  - Or a one-time exchange at no cost. (Product exchange of equal or lesser value; everydayview.com will not refund the difference if the exchange pair is of less value than the item returned; excluding the shipping fee)
  - Or 50% refund of the production cost (excluding the shipping fee) to your Paypal that you used on the order, please see our Return Policy for more information.


You have the right to cancel the contract at any time until seven working days after the date of delivery of the goods. Any custom-made items (prescription lenses) must be cancelled within 24 hours of the Order being placed. We cannot cancel the order if the product is already shipped out. 
✦Consumer rights and obligations
1. You should place orders according to the quantity of goods and price mechanism provided by this service. In order to accept the order, the company has the right reasons for refusing or having other legal matters within the following two working days. But you have been paid, except as otherwise provided by law, as a transaction.
2. The location and mode of delivery of this service provider shall be selected and delivered according to your choice.
3. The service is available on the website for you to refer to the payment method. The method of payment if there is a small credit loans or other creditor's rights debt relations, this service on the site have to inform you and explain such as creditor's rights debt principal and interest calculation, whether credit insurance or the guarantor set or otherwise involved such as information, for you to see and decide.
You have to exercise the rights of the first paragraph of article 19 of the consumer protection act.
✦online ordering information:
1. In addition to the terms and conditions of this agreement, the information on the website of the commodity sales website and the order process, including the relevant trading conditions, restrictions and instructions, is one of the contracts.
2. Once you everydayview according to the web set by the way, the conditions and processes to complete the order program, it means you like in accordance with the terms and conditions and the provisions of the relevant shown on the web page content, trading conditions or restrictions, order the goods or services. In addition, the information you have retained (such as address, telephone) is subject to change, please write to support@everydayview.com to make changes, and it is not possible to deny ordering or refuse payment on the grounds that the information is not in conformity with the information.
3. After you complete the online ordering program, the system will automatically send you a notification letter by email or otherwise. However, this notice only notifies you that the system has received your order information, does not represent the transaction has been completed or the contract has been established, and the everydayview has the right to reserve the right to accept your order. If the trading conditions are wrong, the goods are not in stock and the service cannot be provided, the everydayview will contact you.
4. All labeled "suggested price", "discount" or similar semantic price, are original, agents, importers, distributors, or service provider the suggested price, general price, or general assessment of the price, do not represent any specific region, businesses, or the actual transaction price at a specific time.
5. You can order of all goods and services, about the quality and after sales service and warranty, etc., are all everydayview is responsible, in accordance with the established everydayview conditions, is responsible for the commitment to provide quality, warranty and after-sales service, etc.
6. You can order the goods or services in accordance with the sales page and in the process, conditions and limitations of the recorded in the relevant web pages, select your order delivery location and the method of the goods or services.
7. All of your online consumption and related matters relating to such transactions on the everydayview, you and the everydayview have agreed to express in electronic format; everydayview computer system will record your electronic trading information, you can also through the Internet to related transaction information after login, if you find that information is not correct, should be please contact everydayview immediately.
✦ other agreed:
You understand and accept that if the undertaking everydayview or by agreement must be in accordance with the responsibility for damages or compensation to you, then everydayview compensation or compensation responsibility, should be to return the deal of the controversial paid-in amount limit of liability for damages or compensation.
✦ service exceptions and disclaimer:
This website ensures that the computer system you deal with has the security of a reasonable expectation. But in the following circumstances, this website reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or refused to provide all or produce many copies of this service, and no prior notice to you, for you by using this web site or can't use this service, any direct or indirect damages caused are not responsible for any damages or compensation:
1. To relocate, replace, upgrade, maintain or repair the hardware and equipment related to the service.
2. The user has any violation of government decree or provision of this service.
3. The service shall be suspended or interrupted by natural disasters or other force majeure factors.
4. Other reasons not attributable to this website are caused by the suspension or interruption of this service.
5. The information on the control of the website is not correct, or falsified, altered, deleted or retrieved, or caused to the system to be interrupted or not functioning properly.
6. Other situations in which the site considers the need to stop or interrupt the service. This site is intended to be announced on this website in a proper manner prior to the occurrence of a system interruption or suspension when it is possible to cause the system to be interrupted or paused for the foreseeable software and hardware maintenance plan.
These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of UK
Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at support@everydayview.com.
Company: Middle Bridge Ltd
Company Address: Endeavour House 3rd Floor, Coopers End Road, Stansted, CM24 1SJ, United Kingdom

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